Top Holiday Destinations in Croatia

If you have never been to Croatia, you might need a bit inspiration, so have a look at some of the places below, which we can personally recommend.

Trogir: Trogir is situated in Middle Dalmatia; about 25 km north of Split and only a few km from the Airport Split, the old town part is part of UNESCO world heritage list. We often visit Trogir and can warmly recommend anybody to spend a holiday in Trogir, which is a perfect spot for a relaxing vacation.

Vis: The Island of Vis used to be a former military base, since the mid 90’s the island has been reopened to visitors. The Island Vis is still fairly unspoiled and is a really nice spot for a holiday far away from modern civilisation.

Biševo: if you spend you holiday at Vis, you for sure should plan spending 1 day visiting the small sister island Bisevo, which is a 30 minutes sailing trip from the city Komiža on Vis. Biševo has one of the most well-known attraction in Croatia, the blue cave, which only can be reached by boat.

Split: is the capital of Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia, the town is build around the 1700 year old Diocletian palace which is part of UNESCO world heritage list. The cities has the reason years made great effort in transforming from a transit to a holiday destination, which have made a Holiday in Split more and more popular the recent years.

Omis: is a 15.000 people town, situated 25 south of Split, the city having some really nice sand beaches which every year attract lots of tourist. As the city is situated next to the mouth of the Cetina River, Omis also offers lots of water activities like wild water rafting or canyonning.

Zadar: is situated in the northern part of Dalmatia, well protected by some of the Mediterranean island, the city has and marvellous old town part, which has and amazing story. From Zadar there is excellent opportunity to visit some of Croatia greatest national park, the National park Kornati, National park Krka and the National park Paklenica are situated with in 1 hour drive from the city.

Dubrovnik: is Croatia’s most famous tourist destination, the old town part with its 6 meter wide city walls is a must see for any Croatia traveller. The city is situated in the southern part of Dalmatia on 20 km from Montenegro. We have spent several holidays in Dubrovnik and can warmly recommend planning a visit in the city.

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Saving Tips for Expats

When you move to another land, you need to present a good attitude to the foreign culture the surroundings around you. But certainly you cannot disregard an important item on the list, which is Savings! Yes, the most primary effort is to finance your move or protect yourself from unpredicted financial drain.

Ways To Save

While moving out of the country, the only best way to get ready for all the expenses- planned or unplanned, is to have an outstanding savings plan.

Make plan much prior before the day you walk out. Open a savings account and keep saving a certain amount each month. And if you keep maintaining the account for a few years, you will know a good amount has been saved.

While you are away, you would surely want to hear a little bit of reassurances from home. But now you don’t need to spend on expensive phone calls. There are many calling services, which offer cheap international call rates and are easy to use. This indeed gives you a way to keep talking to your loves ones for a longer period of time.

As you learn the market, you can check for good discounts and offers on groceries and daily necessities. If local traveling is cheaper then don’t rent a car. Learn about laws and products that you can maintain at home and/or in your host country. The lawyers, financial advisors and accountants are the best people to guide you on those points.

An ongoing savings account even after you have moved will give you the ease that you can deal with most issues.

Why Save?

Even before you drag your luggage out of your door, your list of expenses will begin to add up. There is a lot to shell on Visas, insurance, few trips to the host country and shopping for your new homes.

Once you arrive you will spend some amount while you get settled there. Maybe an unplanned bill or fees, money for a car or unexpected taxes are some of the sudden expenses. Only after you have accustomed to the new place you can learn about the market stores, goods and prices.

Many companies offer expats an excellent package covering the expenses of relocation, healthcare, a car, rent or mortgage. But these expats will still meet unexpected expenses that can quickly make them broke. A car/home repair, furniture, taxis and restaurants are certain unplanned costs.

Once u give up work, you may decide to settle abroad or maintain an income from home or you may be searching for a job, but something could go wrong with those plans and again. However your savings will protect you until you can set things right again.